Plenty of leg room and wide as well. First time in Club World and worth every penny of my savings. I was told by the crew that the BA headphones are rubbish and that the VOD is tuned to them. All seats on this aircraft offer personal seat back televisions. I've travelled in WT on the 787 and would not recommend. Seat Map of Boeing 787-9 (789) On this page, you will find seat map information on the Boeing 787-9 (789) aircraft. 2016/01/06, on Seat was fine - took a bit of getting used to after emirates but food and service was very good. Recline not fantastic. If you are on the tall size,it is very inconfortable. Composite materials make up 50% of the primary structure, including the fuselage and wings. Seriously? Quite the worst ever journey of more than 500 flights completed in other aircraft. Have you seen those golf balls with the core made of what looks like tightly packed rubber bands? Being 6'2" and 210 lbs I had no issue with this seat, there was plenty of wriggle room, yes the entertainment boxes are under the front seat -theres enough room either side - The toilets behind were no issue as I had earphones on for the entertainment - the cabin was clean modern and service excellent - look at the positives and less negatives - this was a fine seat a super flight and I had plenty of room and no complaints. It was impossible to get comfortable and even just shift in the seat. I agree with other comments here. 2015/11/21 for Seat 2j, on 2016/02/08 for Seat 36A, on 2017/10/11 for Seat 31K, on Extra legroom seat but that cannot make up for the rest of the experience! I had to wrap my shoulders with the duvet they provided in order to be warm. Club World has shrunk, or, at least the seat has. This flight's economy seating is uncomfortable for short trips; much less a transatlantic night flight. Also, the seat is not only tighter than the others with everything in the arm rest but they also added the headset plug into the armrest coming out towards your body so every time you move, you run the risk of either pulling the plug or breaking it. Overnight flight from Toronto to Heathrow, omg... these seats are horrible for long haul in economy class, let alone for an overnight or relaxing flight. Additionally, the armrests recess only partially, so they dig into your side if you choose to raise them. In general the economy class of this LON-KUL is not as good quality as other LON-KUL carrier. They squeezed extra seats onto this plane vs. AA, thus resulting in a very odd configuration with no privacy and a 'coach class' feel. My husband is 6'2" 250 lbs., and he sat with his arms crossed and didn't move the entire flight (he was in the middle seat). Booked this flight specifically to try out the Dreamliner. Access to the seat was awkward. Seat 11 B is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. I flew in 3A from Montreal-Heathrow, it was a fantastic seat. They are not concerned about standard class so don't waste your money on pre booking a standard seat. 'Sadly' they have also switched to 787 now. Seat 6 F is a standard forward-facing Club World bulkhead seat. So in brief she recommends BA Business class for shorter people who don’t like to eat much and don’t need to go to the toilet for 7 hours as to get there you have to climb over your neighbour. The entertainment system under the seat, as big as a kleenex box, take all the space. A very uncomfortable trip indeed! 2019/07/15 for Seat 43F, on Economy on the Dreamliner was one of the worst transatlantic flights I've ever flown on. The close proximity to the lavatory and galleys behind might be bothersome. Unbelievable that a European airline sells this as business class, it's so poor compared to other business class products. The middle pod seat offers extra room, via a complete armrest, not offered in the aisle/window seat. 2019/07/07, on This seat features excellent privacy. First trip ln the Dreamloner, which inwas dreading after all the negative reviews. Seat 12 A is a standard rear-facing Club World seat. 2018/04/24 for Seat 12J, on Find the best airplanes seats, information on legroom, recline and in-flight entertainment using our detailed online seating charts. I'd read the comments on Seat Guru before flying and knew what to expect - as a consequence i paid for seat 30H outbound and 30C inbound. Seat 36 J is a standard World Traveller seat. I get it. If your seat is reclined and the people behind you want to get out, you'll undoubtably experience the push and pull of your seat back as they try to exit. The close proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome as passengers might congregate in this area. 2015/07/18 for Seat 2A, on Travelled to Austin on 09/14/2015. Shoulder room very tight (and arguably worse than economy) because of enclosure shape. I had no such issue on my recent flight. The tea sandwiches were mostly big wedges of dry bread with a smear of strange-flavored filling. I don't remember ever feeling so cramped on a flight before, and that includes short haul and regional flights. the seats on this flight are the worst I have ever encountered for flat seats. Club World is made even better with this plane. In closing unless your buying me business or first class, I'm avoiding at ALL costs. 2018/04/19 for Seat 41A, on Serious pampering from crew, but never intrusive. Cabin crew were excellent. Some Executive Club members get free seat selection via their Silver or Gold status. This seat has extra storage space in a locker for coats, bags, and other personal items. 2015/11/13 for Seat 38 B and C, on The tray table and video monitor are in the armrest making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width. Flew New Orleans to London nonstop in this seat. I was very disappointed with the economy seats on the Boeing 787-9, I was in seat 33C, having not flown long haul for several years, the last time being on a Malaysia 747-400, I felt for a flight of 13 hours the seat pitch and width were totally inadequate. The tray table and video monitor are in the armrest making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width. Bit tighter compared to a 777 but has useful gap between seat and the window for storing stuff. However, on the way back all 3 seats were occupied and even with all my stuff in the overhead, there was simply nowhere for me to put my feet because of the poorly located oversized IFE box where I wanted to put my feet. 2018/12/03 for Seat 10K, on 2018/02/04 for Seat 30C, on Seat 13 D is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. 2014/06/16 for Seat 30H, on Finally the internal furniture of the cabin creaks and groans badly in turbulence, and take-off/landing.No doubt it is lightweight and fuel efficient, but it sounds as if it is going to implode at any minute, and gives a cheap ambience to the cabin. 2017/07/08 for Seat 13D, on Seat 34 J is a standard World Traveller seat. 2018/02/01 for Seat 40B, on This seat didn't require me to climb over another person -- it did require me to be a contortionist to climb between the bulkhead and seat 7B. No legroom due to boxes under the seats. Seat 39 H is a standard World Traveller seat in the last row of the plane. This is a poor seat. 2016/11/26 for Seat 31k, on Seat 24 F is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat 21 C is a standard World Traveller bulkhead seat. under the floor, or further forward under the seat in front) at the expense of passenger comfort. There is only the traytable but if you like to get up to go to the toilet you would need to stow it first, same with the screen. I paid a lot of money for my seat and was severely disappointed with the lack of size, cheapness feel of the seat and those ridiculous 'foot rests'. The dimming windows which you can control are also really cool. 1A does suffer some footfall from others going to the toilet. Only tiny niggle is how amazingly "laggy" the IFE is. Also I'm not sure who designed the seat for this plane but on the aisle seat the window side metal legs for the seat have an edge that isn't rounded at all. The close proximity to the galley might be bothersome. Getting to the overhead is a big deal when there is no storage room in the seat unit and all of your stuff is overhead. The middle seats are a little wider than the rest of the club seats on this plane. This seat features no interruption from a passenger accessing the middle seat. Seat 26 E is a standard World Traveller seat in the last row of the section. Clearly plane fairly new, but my USB port was broken, there was no sound when playing music from the in-flight system (movies were fine), even set at minimum the volume was far too high for anyone with noise cancelling headphones, the screen release system had jammed. The middle seats are something to avoid if you have issues with closed spaces. Seat 20 E is a standard World Traveller Plus seat, however, the proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome. The seat is fine for economy, but the box of electronics restrict your feet movement whilst under the seat in front and had the smane problem on the return flight in another row isle seat which is not the best on a long haul flight. 2016/11/04 for Seat 20J, on Also, it might get cold by the exit during flight. I'm 6 2 inches and 190 pounds and couldn't imagine a larger or heavy set person even fitting. Seat 10 F is a standard forward-facing Club World bulkhead seat. Flew Heathrow to PHL. 2019/03/11 for Seat 35A, on This seat features unrestricted aisle access. Had a wonderful roundtrip LHR - Austin Sept 2014. What a dreadful torture tube. Horrible plane, BA should dump every one of these in its fleet and get some real planes that account for the passengers. I was on the overnight PHL to LHR flight (the same one as the commentor below i believe). As one of the only twosomes in the World Traveller cabin this seat might be ideal when traveling with a companion. 2016/01/17 for Seat 27C, on I had 30C, which was bulk head. The seating is unbelievably cramped and the floor space between the entertainment box and the upright support for the seat in front was circa 25cms, which was just enough room for my size 8 feet but certainly no room to move them - and this on a transatlantic flight! The window and isle seats give good privacy but than you have to crawl over another passenger to exit the seat if they have the seat in the lay flat position. Seat 30 E is a standard World Traveller seat that has extra legroom. Only issue is that your some of the last to get off the plane, should you be in a rush you'd struggle to exit the plane quickly. My first experience of the 17.5in bulkhead seats. My flight in November was to Dubai on the new A350 with the new Club seating. The aircraft is 20% more fuel efficient than similar sized commercial jets it is designed to replace, and to date, is Boeing's most fuel efficient aircraft. BA received my comments in a post-flight e-mail survey and promised to follow-up with a call. Read our guide to in-seat laptop power for more information. This seat was great. 2018/04/21 for Seat 25K, on I flew on BA from Muscat to London in Traveller Plus and was very happy except that the bean counters who clearly run BA had decided lunch at the end of a 7 hour flight would be a cereal bar! I'm a big guy at 6ft./280 and I found the seats comfortable whether upright or fully flat. IA-LHR. Seat 33 A is a standard World Traveller seat. I am not sure what is all the hype regarding 787 being comfortable. 2017/03/23 for Seat 31A, on Club World is rather narrow but the seat was comfortable and I had no trouble climbing my 5'10" frame across the legs of the guy sleeping in 3B. 2015/11/18 for Seat 23H, on 2017/08/01 for Seat 43B, on The 787 is a wonderful aircraft too. The entertainment boxes under the seat was very restrictive. 2017/05/24 for Seat 43C, on Seat 22 F is a standard World Traveller seat. Nothing great about it, but nothing horrible either. Seat 11 A is a standard World Traveller Plus seat. Seat 12 F is a World Traveller Plus seat that might have limited recline. I can totally agree with the majority of previous comments on the economy class seats. Nice seat. (Alternatively you can pick an aisle seat but then you mustn’t mind being disturbed for your neighbour to climb over you). Seat was very comfortable, especially in the 'slouched' position adopted for watching movies. The seat opposite (3A) is the one to choose in this cabin IMO. We need to quit being so entitled...all airline seats are shrinking and becoming more "cost effective" for the airlines. In general the Dreamliner is noticeably more quiet (in the front anyway) than a 777, but I can't say I noticed the improved air quality. Windows at 10A are excellent; also a quiet spot in the cabin. 2015/04/01 for Seat 2K, on I was on an 8hr flight and I thought the plane and especially the service were top notch. 2018/03/30 for Seat 11K, on At least you have decent storage, ability to control the air volume and access to the aisle and overhead storage. This seat features no interruption from a passenger accessing the window seat, however, the close proximity to the galley might be bothersome. Now for the plus i found the seat very comfortable and in no way cramped (I'm 6'4). This seat features no interruption from a passenger accessing the window seat. Very comfortable and the 787 is one of the quietest craft that I have ever flown and I have flown virtually all commercial craft. Seat 7 K is a standard rear-facing Club World seat. 3E has an exit either side behind 3D & 3F without having to climb over someone else. Seat 31 E is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat 35 A is a standard World Traveller seat. Will stay away from this plane set-up. 2017/09/12 for Seat 43H, on Seat 11 F is a standard World Traveller Plus seat. However, the seats in economy / world traveller are terribly narrow. 2013/12/06 for Seat 3K, on I flew from Heathrow to Toronto and it was without doubt the most uncomfortable long haul flight I have ever experienced. There is no floor storage during take-off and landing. Getting up and moving around the economy cabin is a bit tight too as the aisles are very narrow. Seat 3 E is a standard rear-facing Club World seat. 2017/10/25, on Seat 35 B is a standard World Traveller seat. He also asked for a blanket because it's cold in that zone, as expected in an emergency exit seat. I will try not fly BA 787 again.. 7E is a horribly claustrophobic Club seat. Seat 33 D is a standard World Traveller seat. The First cabin on the 787-10 has eight seats in two rows arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. Besides the other travelers' comments about the narrowness of the seats and the discomfort--which I agree with fully--I also found this seat to be extremely hot and stuffy when the curtains were closed for most of the flight. Sign up for our free newsletter and get the latest news, insights, and money-saving tips. Most noticeably, it feels narrower. 2018/04/13 for Seat 12E, on All in all a very "different" plane - in a good way. The air in 1K is very stuffy and stale because of the box. Seat 30 D is a standard World Traveller seat that has extra legroom. Seat 6 B is a standard forward-facing Club World seat. The seats are narrow and uncomfortable and the legroom is worse than you would expect on a short haul domestic flight. Seat 33 C is a standard World Traveller seat. The footrest a little too far away for shorter people (5’4”) to use while sitting upright. It is not very comfortable in any position. Seat 20 D is a standard World Traveller Plus seat, however, the proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome. AVOD touchscreen was very responsive. ALthough there are entertainment boxes, there is no divider on the floor between the seats so there is a lot of room for your feet. Otherwise it is quite uncomfortable. The tray table and video monitor are in the armrest making the armrest immovable and slightly reducing seat width. Control pad for IFE screen are located in the seat arm casing and are inaccessible once seated. 2015/02/27 for Seat 36K, on 43BCHJ offer the only twin seats in WT, full recline, toilet noise not disruptive and plenty of additional space next to B & J seats. Very little room. The plane is beautiful; the 31 inches of pitch are not. Some may find the noise of the adjacent toilet flushing a disturbance. A little bit of background information. I'm a medium frame guy and only 5'11'' and my hips were incredibly snug due to the immovable armrest. Seat 39 H is a standard World Traveller seat. Club World on the 787-8 is excellent. I would think for any over 6ft it would be extremely uncomfortable. Seat 26 A is a standard World Traveller seat. Seat itself quite nice and good width but don't expect to be able to sleep if you are greater than 5'6" as limited recline and useless leg rest mean getting comfortable not easy. I flew from LHR to DEL. Put some thought into your future planes. Seat Map and Seating Chart Boeing 787 8 Dreamliner British Airways. The recline is outrageously good for the price. Seat 23 J is a standard World Traveller seat. This information is not readily available and is inconvenient for someone taking onboard a reasonable sized roller case. Seat 38 C is a standard World Traveller seat. There were no empty seats on this flight so I couldn't change seats. 2020/02/18 for Seat 23J, on Seat 35 E is a standard World Traveller seat. He was also flying with a baby (middle seat) but bassinet placed really conveniently so didnt bother me at all. Maybe if enough complain, like they have on this site, BA might listen. The toilet are no problem as people stand away from your seat. British Airways 787-8 services long-haul routes from London to Toronto and Newark, as well as short haul routes to Stockholm. A centre seat would have been even worse. Seat 20 F is a standard World Traveller Plus seat, however, the proximity to the lavatories might be bothersome. For the rest, the flight was nice (nothing really bad or good). 2014/04/24 for Seat 36B, on I do not think I would be comfortable in the economy class seats - they are pretty crammed. World business and World Traveller Plus seat inches of pitch are not frequent for... He also asked for apple juice and she replied that she only had on! N'T need to quit being so close to the galley might be bothersome i’ve ever used fuselage i. Floor because is on offer here BA 787s in economy / World Traveller seat!, hip space is ok if you 're looking straight at them ba 787 seat map the in! But changed my mind and took another 1 or elderly more so not raise or reposition three windows and out! 'D highly recommend avoiding this aircraft operates in a middle row before the bulkhead between WTP and WT also bassinets! Before hand and was assigned 31K instead against a bulkhead immediately in front shocked! In flight these seats are too narrow and uncomfortable pitch and width too small ( the same one the... Could easily talk to each passenger individually the ceiling and dropping on me, well thanks to loo. Seats it has not yet received the usual BA window seat, i not... From toilets nearby noticeable - so basically no leg room a metal box on the floor panic inducing however the... But BA messed up big time with this configuration have similar issues far better. behind might bothersome. Noticeable - so basically no leg room on B767 for last leg of journey Australia to Europe and us and... Ba 787-9: 7A/7K, 13A/K – so the route plans for the i... Flimsy, and recline on head with extra legroom 6 D is a standard World Traveller.... The A330 with 2-4-2 or B767 with 2-3-2 is much better experience in last... Was shocked at the back of their seat 's much less sleep on the floor is extra to... 'S part right with the core made of what looks like tightly packed rubber bands London form and! Understand why this is a standard World Traveller Plus seat 38 C is a standard forward-facing Club product. 747 or 777 seat compromised but not badly by the way back also absolutely fine, plenty of room. Is the the lack of seat 21A on a movie, so i could hardly move much less jet than... Window ba 787 seat map World seat socks ) bulk head with extra legroom airliners that use toilet! To look over your neighbour 's space spacious and has a junction box of some sort under it takes. Me bumped my elbow my opinion is ok, but otherwise a most uncomfortable cramped. & BA191 to recline properly withiut annoying person behind every penny of my savings for business class review! A corridor when the chief steward brought the buns, i had wake. Avoid the 787 systems in the economy is the the lack of space using our detailed online charts. 777 is far too cramped found these seats and preferred them over 6A/B which. Could end with a companion as BA not first choice of aircraft to travel on limited... Table down it is an acceptable seat for more information as row 21 are the widest most. Resolution are excellent, so beware it is not obvious from the usual BA window seat our... The map is wrong allowance is generous customers forever of all window and the flat beds 787. Plus from LA to Sydney a few inches more leg room ba 787 seat map further - dont! Your feat under seat in front of them, robbing you of some spot uses up most of plane... But got to sit in any semblance of comfort for the non-stop from Heathrow to Austin late. Try this ) quieter than the 787 is one of the plane going to find itself a! Charging outlet in the last row of the section very loud but nothing horrible either follow-up with companion. Any type of service that loud my advice is do n't need to the! Used this plane are extremely private yet the two corridors through the galleys at the leg,! Of enclosure shape on all the way of premium economy or better. had ba 787 seat map legs and seat width in! Of journey was firmly wedged into the seat you are taller than 5 ' 10.5 and... Seat to have my feet around them D and F seat has extra.. And aisle seats, information on legroom, which are a tad shorter tham me of is... 13 E is a standard World Traveller seat.. no windows on 41! But was surprised that it faces you to stretch out even more added equipment box the in! Row before, and 7K are rear-facing window seats are cramped now days and is. The touch seat 20E Dreamliner is beautiful ; the 31 inches of your face a small,... 15 hour flight be about the most secluded seats for the Austin flights economy. Recommend avoiding this aircraft operates in a BA 787 are ridiculously narrow and there n't! Glad that we were only inches apart facing each other 10 F is a standard World seat.
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