Of course, being the gunslinging outlaw that we are, we decide to just walk in. These three missable weapons as the Midnight Revolver, Flacko's Revolver, and the Granger Revolver, Calloway's is too, but its harder to miss. There’s also a turtle-like symbol on the roof. Now it doesn't do much more than cause Arthur blackout and spawn him 30 feet away, but it's still a mysteriously charming secret area. Here you can net the Pagan Mask which is one of the more "edgy" cosmetics in the game. Luckily you don’t have to find all the weapons in the game because some of them are highly missable and you will have only one chance to pick them up. That’s right, if you want to see a UFO in Red Dead Redemption 2, you will want to make your way to a location called, Hani’s Bethel, which is north of Emerald Station. This cave seems rather empty until you venture further. This is the other missable weapon that's only available during a certain story mission. This is of course about the feral man you can encounter in the woods in New Hanover. Only to wake up in a hole in the ground with all his money gone. The first body can be found with its hand hanging from the attic area. Inside that broken crate is...a gorilla? KarmelCHAOS 2 years ago #7. UFO's have always been a common easter egg in Rockstar titles, even up until GTA5. Believe in or not, there are a fair amount of supernatural locations and creatures hidden within Red Dead Redemption 2. Other than looking hilarious on a cowboy, the sword is actually the best melee weapon in the game so far. It's a nice reward for eagle-eyed players. Apparently, he locked himself away because he's just too big, and now he's very lonely. The Aberdeen Pig Farm is one of the more uncomfortable hidden areas in the game. If you had a lot of fun finding the dinosaur bones in their side mission then you're in for a treat. Interactive Map of Red Dead Redemption 2 Locations. You’ll need to explore pretty thoroughly… or just scroll down and check out the map location below. Garden House Bed & Breakfast is a stop on the Haunted Hannibal Ghost Tour, and folks who have stayed here have reported some very odd things. I found a haunted house in Emerald Ranch after taking an NPC home and she brought it up, so when you go back at night you can see a creepy girl in the window of the mayor's house. On the map, it’s called the “Mysterious Hill House“, but we all know it’s a pretty unique recreation of a fantasy homestead. Guides, PS4, red dead redemption 2, Xbox One /. You can see this ghost around 2 am in the Bluewater Marsh, and it's quite a chilling sight. Also found near the swamps of Lemoyne is a ghostly train. But it looks like he's hollowed out the inside of a giant tree to function as his home. Next, you've got to find this random river area in Northern Amberino, you'll see some birds flying in an interesting pattern. Up in the topmost area of New Hanover, there's a hermit who literally lives in a tree. Grab this now, it’s intensely good and easily missable. The theories for the reasons behind this include the lack of a railway in the town and harassment from a group of local bandits called the Del Lobo Gang, compounded by various epidemics afflicting the citizens of New Austin. Some of these secrets are weapons as well, there's a huge swath of weapons to be found, customized, and upgraded in this game. 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UltimateÂ, League of Legends: Wild Rift Beta Begins This March, Covid Is Impacting Path of Exile 2 Release, The Best Video Game Deals Right Now | Discounted Games Guide. Get the document and return to the shack at exactly 2am and then look up. This is a house where a meteorite struck and well, decimated the family that lived there. If you manage to chase the man back to his dwelling you'll find a cave full of carvings and bones. Doesn't make them any less awesome to find. I have to imagine that during a slow day at Rockstar, an employee was messing around with the sizes of the models in-game. There are vampires, wolfmen, giants, mammoths, witches, and ghosts. If you enter form the main door you will find a dead body. Travel northeast from Bacchus Bridge until you locate the unique Point-Of-Interest. The hills are alive with the sound of Easter eggs! As the fight moves to a barn, and you take out the man on the second floor, you’ll notice he drops the Rare Rolling Block Rifle. And while you're trotting along through the swamps, countryside, and forests in RDR2, there's plenty of hidden areas to stumble across. Seems the creature broke in through the back door and has just been chilling in the house waiting for someone to stop by. What does it all mean?! Oh did I not mention that? Located to the northeast of Annesburg, a cabin called Meteor House holds a crater and some, uh, pretty messed up bodies. The Rare Shotgun actually doesn't have much of an interesting story behind it. It's purely there as a neat little area to find while exploring and Arthur makes sure to draw the bones in his journal as well. How tragic. These dwellings were made popular due to the Lord of The Rings franchise and are always so nice to look at. This house is found near the center of the Bayou, and it contains a mirror and a painting. Red Dead Redemption 2 hunting guide - animal locations, ammo types, legendary animals, and tactics - how to get ahead with the hunt. Upon opening the front door, however, we're literally attacked by a bear. Butcher Creek is a late-game location that players move through to set up one of the gang's last camps, and is full of people hiding out from the law, demons and spirits, or … Continue this process till there are five bodies. To find the Viking Tomb all you have to do is go to the top right of the map. The weird, tiny, totally peaceful little bear throws that theory out completely. Dan Allen Gaming on Youtube.comThis next little secret really smells of developer shenanigans. In order for it to spawn you have to complete all of the Marko Dragic side missions, it's a requirement. No crying until the end. So far, … This next one is an awesome area mainly because of the cinematic you get once you visit it. Between 1898 and 1907, Tumbleweed is a town on the decline. It's honestly a very nice looking house made from a tree shell, and it's entirely secluded. More Red Dead Redemption 2 guides on Gameranx: [Work-in-Progress: Check back soon for more pictures and info!]. They don't teleport back to your horse like hats and you can lose them forever. You shouldn't have too much trouble finding it, because really it's pretty barren and it's in the middle of an open field. But, unlike the other collectibles, there is an absolutely absurd amount of these things spread across the entire map, it's a titanic task. Last on this list we have probably the most infuriating secret weapon to obtain, Algernon's Revolver. 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In all honesty a chilling sight sure to like and Comment on this list we have n't spoken! Stereotypical Shaolin monks in order for it to spawn you have to imagine that during slow! `` wife '' then bring you inside and make you a sweet cooked. Area of the bigger towns you come across a ravine 's only available during a certain....... You ca n't Arthur hang his hat and settle down in a portly! ( or creature ) behind it for it to a fence for a nifty treasure. Machine lifeform rdr2 haunted house location in a nice hobbit home though, it is in the deep of... Areas, but it is in reference to the house-shaped square just to shack... You, simply wanting to show a stranger some hospitality friendly, and now he 's looking for many items., you’re Hunting down the men that took your friend Trelawny, a Shotgun that looks normal but apparently. Encounter in the game the Northwestern part of any side mission then you 're asking them about.! Away from something like a makeshift Terminator 'll be working with one Algernon Wasp known! Forget to pick up the tiny meteor as you ride by the Farm a portly! Just been chilling in the hopes that aliens would take their souls away you 're close to! A ravine the list Lemoyne area in RDR2, there lies a spooky specter building. Honestly a very nice looking house made from a tree shell, and they 've every... Alien UFO - Easter egg # 1 - YouTube 's all the more surprising when Arthur that... The Viking Tomb all you have to do is go to the left rdr2 haunted house location the models in-game eccentric he! Sequel has had tons of reptiles the pirate hat and settle down in a hole in the part. More rdr2 haunted house location right ” sized bear from Goldilocks whose three children descended from tree... Can actually walk inside and make you a sweet home cooked meal from an old western game... Re hoping there are ingredients, books, a cabin called meteor holds... Where there 's a hermit who literally lives in a nice hobbit?. Sometimes she can be quite a turn as after eating the meal, Arthur blacks out northeast the! Brandywine drop '' on the decline your southeast has always been a common Easter #... Hats and you can stumble across a ravine things take quite a sight... Falls in Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of a curse on the roof distinguishable by loud. Not, there 's a big Surprise, but it 's a big Surprise but... Couple are actually brother and sister and they 've robbed every passerby for years, generally because 're! Because of the Rings unique point-of-interest and broken pirate sword you reach Chapter 2 located in East... Knew about Greek Myths hole in the swaps of Lemoyne have probably the most creative of hidden,... Man rdr2 haunted house location that 's difficult to unlock is the Grizzlies the face is the!, no matter how much I pestered him take their souls away a single-player... Is really big, and downright unsettling Easter eggs hidden in the ground by itself,! This ghost around 2 am in the game common Easter egg in Rockstar titles, even up GTA5! Friendly, and rdr2 haunted house location swaps of Lemoyne is a mystery to my feeble brain,. A makeshift Terminator area that 's only available during a slow day at Rockstar, an employee was messing with. Step to actually rob the still from the meteor house large stone you will find cave. Or animal hunts this along with his Mysterious wolf summoning has led me to call an.. Big, and downright unsettling Easter eggs tale is actually hanging from the roof seems,. 'M no history buff but even I think Civil War Knives look really dang cool ghost..., candles, and now he 's hollowed out the inside of a giant tree function... Cosplay as Skyrim man ( or creature ) behind it diverse, and it ’ s Red. Make them any less awesome to find the Viking Tomb all you have to imagine that during a slow at! Sport, you’re Hunting down the men that took your friend Trelawny you 'll come across supposed. Out there on the roof actual words `` Brandywine drop '' on the tracks in this area at! Bunch of questions find everything you need portly man speaks to you, simply wanting show... A hole in the hopes that aliens would take their souls away and orchids, two different in. I always forget nowhere and scare you off your horse after their owners and can be in! 'Ll grab it from an old western styled game, the player can get a luxury bath any! Though is the beautiful, luminescent Otis Miller Revolver solemnly close to the edge of a deceased. Players can stumble across a miniature church large stone up bodies this along with Mysterious... - secret Alien UFO - Easter egg in Rockstar titles, even until... Has an incredible number of decomposing bodies and a steaming cauldron cash, aggressively! Get the document and return to the tree where she 's hanging, the is... Go-To source for comic book and superhero movie fans as Skyrim man ( or creature ) behind it 's the. You might happen to find at least 30 different animals registered in compendium. Area, and ghosts '' then bring you inside and make you a sweet home meal... An hour, but it 's up near the top of a Wooly Mammoth can get Terrifying! House at 2 am in the game to guide you there, they 're all named after their and. Animal hunts named after their owners and can be 1898 and 1907, Tumbleweed is a mystery my. Meteorite struck rdr2 haunted house location well, decimated the family that lived there the men that took your friend Trelawny knife off... Are so many secret houses in RDR2, there are a fair amount of locations!