Black Vomit Filmes


Founded in 2002 by Fernando Rick, the Black Vomit filmes is a independent film production company focusing on atypical and unusual works in Brazilian audiovisual market.
Exploring various mediatic formats and forms, the idea is producing short films, documentaries, video music videos, television programs, cartoons and more interesting arise along the way with no boundaries, with authenticity and identity.

Fernando Rick

Bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television Broadcasting by São Judas Tadeu University, director, screenwriter, editor and finisher, worked on many TV channels; TV Cultura, TV Record and RedeTV !, directed, wrote, rode and finalized several audio visual products such as the two official documentary films from Ratos de Porão, “Guidable” e “Crucificados Pelo Sistema 30 years”, the controversial “DESAGRADÁVEL” (Displeasing) documentary, about Gangrena Gasosa band, the Canal Brasil’s TV comedy series about the cartoonist Allan Sieber, “DESANIMAÇÃO” (Disanimation), as well as many award-winning short movies, music videos and films for production companies and agencies.
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