Thus living in a truck camper may not everyone’s cup of coffee. We knew that, while we love going remote as much as the next person, we also enjoy the comfort of traditional campgrounds. FEATURES: Kimbo 6 foot long camper for medium size trucks (refer to dimensional drawing above) Aluminum, riveted, sealed, frameless shell with brush finish. For your first time living the RV life, you want to start out simple and affordable. I found very quickly that the minute I moved beyond the popped opening I felt irritated and hunched over. Here is a collection of truck camping hints from years of learning a minimalist lifestyle in the back of a truck. How Much Does RV Camping Cost? Whether you’re truck bed camping, overlanding, car camping, or living the #vanlife, this guide gives you step-by-step instructions on how to … What is also becoming evident these days is that while, yes, a great many people do live in a variety of sizes of RV, and many more embrace van life, the world of the truck camper owner is gaining momentum. Jun 11, 2020 - Explore sam banks's board "Truck camper shells" on Pinterest. Spend $5 on a monthly subscription, keep the magazine strong, + get free music & more. After spending a mere 30 minutes in one camper van, on a typically rainy Portland day, I knew that without absolute certainty I would not be happy living in one. It features no sink or shower but does offer a private toilet stall. What kind of living in a truck camper shell you are doing obviously needs to be clarified as well. As with all vehicle purchases you miss the pain of immediate depreciation and can get an engine already broken in. 2. It’s pretty straightforward. The floor-length is 80”, and the various floor plans offer you some beautiful choices of rollover couches, dinettes, and more. See more ideas about truck bed camping, truck camping, camping. If we had the money a Tiger would be our home of choice. Step #3: Make Your Truck Livable. How to Build a Truck Bed Camper for UNDER $400. Heated holding tanks, microwave oven, etc. Newer models have continued to increase their versatility and are able to be lowered from the interior. A dry bath option is more like your bathroom at home with a contained shower stall and a separate toilet and sink area. They absolutely add roominess to your living space that isn’t possible without one. To give added headroom in the camper a six-inch high box beam was built between the bottom of the topper and the rails in the truck box. Still, it may be that upon looking at the options available for campers, a new truck may be the order of the day, or if that is in the budget a different class of RV might be the choice for you if the size is an issue. These campers are called slide-in, meaning they slide into the truck bed with the bed over the cab, hence that important question on truck bed length. Space is obviously going to be at a premium, and you are going to want to do your due diligence when making your choice. R5 insulation with brushed fabric interior. And then they actually take the 30-second tour of our home on wheels and declare that they would “need” a shower or a larger floor plan or a bigger fridge. As the name suggests. We know a great many of our overlanding friends who camp in them and adore them. Certainly, deals can be had and used vehicles go for less, but be prepared to put out the cash for these high-end truck camper options. Perhaps the single most important consideration in choosing a truck is the weight payload. The “coat” closet seemed ridiculous to us with no other clothing storage so we added shelving for cupboard storage instead.. With no camper oven the addition of a Dutch Oven was essential. Living in Michigan, ... the sun is on you, it’s a great day. It means you also get a larger shower, and there is going to be less daily maintenance. For those of us in a rainy or theft-prone environment, a shell is an all-but essential upgrade. 3 - double pane Insulated windows with screens & black out shades From our experience, the majority of trucks with campers on the back are the Ford F250’s. You are looking at an aluminum frame construction, with four-season foam block insulation. ... Trade barter - Camper Shell Truck S... $249.00. I searched all the shops around town and had no luck finding a camper shell to color match my truck. KIMBO 6 BASE CAMPER $19,999 - Ready to roll or to build out further. The great thing about a slide-out is that it can make the whole experience of being in a camper shell drastically different because of the interior space that it adds. My point only being the question of your own happiness answers are what is important. They are those wanting to choose a dirt path and see where it leads. To this day we sometimes miss the open-air feel of the nearly 360 degree netting. I never suggest people LIVE in a vehicle. 3 - double pane Insulated windows with screens & black out shades DIY Truck Camper. This means that they are easy to store as well. After all, when you have to go, you have to go. Slide-outs bring up frequent debate. Pop-top campers are generally of a lighter weight than solid frame and extremely popular with travelers looking for a smaller profile. Some of the soft-sides are not as waterproof as you would want, and they are going to be better for you if you are looking at a short term usage rather than something you are using for an extended amount of time. Another decision based almost totally on preference. Even figuring in the price of the original purchase, the numbers will be in your favor to take camping vacations rather than staying in hotels. We loved the look of them, the colorful designs, the very idea of living in a van. Genuine Toyota Tacoma Camper Shells... $308.60 $410.64. The final type of truck camper is actually a chassis conversion such as a Tiger or XP Camper. Along with simply determining which way you’re heading there may be other things you still need to consider. Their largest model, the massive two-slide 1172, comes in at a hefty 4074lbs dry weight. Our choice turned out to be the hard-sided option. Truck Bed Dimensions – Length and width by bed type, How To Inflate Travel Trailer Tires? Luckily for us, our new life only had us taking the camper off the truck three times in the last 17 months, a welcome relief. Stay tuned as we continue to develop KIMBO truck bed campers for weekend camping, boon docking and full-time simple living. As with everything else, there is no right or wrong answer, but referring back to your happiness question may be especially relevant in this category. Which means your new truck cap is part of you, too. This camper is designed for trucks with 5’ and 6’ beds. Essentially just one step up from tent camping, a camper shell is a fiberglass shell that does give one enclosed shelter but does not give room to stand up. Enter the world of the truck camper. We install everything we sell and offer a wide range of quality accessories to build your work truck to suit. You get a tankless water heater, ducted heat, one-piece PVC roof, lite-ply framed cabinets and some really cool optional features such as power awning, keyless entry, A/C and microwave. This was our dream. In 1995 Bob Mehrer shocked the truck camper world by designing the first production slide-out camper. 3. What you do get is a bed, interior standing room, and a large locked storage area. Build a Truck Bed Camper for UNDER $400. Home » TRUCK » Pop Up Camper Shells For Pickup Trucks 41. Perhaps, but our personal experience determined what we considered the most important to us. While our new Adventurer came with a price tag of $14,000 a Northern Lite, the crème de la crème of the group, or a large Lance can cost over $40,000. Truck campers are heavy enough even for the weekend warrior. You may have an issue with condensation because the ventilation is not always going to be the best in some of your truck camper shells. The happiness question raised it’s head: Would we be happy with this camper for years? They may not really be cheap overall. 6500 or so gets one into a All Terrain Camper shell model, in case you want to customize your setup. So if you’re looking for a truck camper that is ready for a long life of reliable travel; this offering from Four Wheel Campers is one you’re definitely going to want to look at.. This leads us to a big benefit of the truck camping life: it’s very affordable. It refers to any recreational vehicle or that can be carried in the bed of pick up truck, and just so you don’t get confused if someone in North America is talking about a slide-in or a cab-over, they are talking about the same thing. The idea of a minimalist lifestyle is a hot topic these days and I can’t tell you the number of people I know who are sure that they want to live like us, imaging a free and easy life lived jaunting from one scenic beach to the next gorgeous mountaintop. A hard side camper is going to give you a more permanent and fixed space, and with that may come more of the accouterments you would be looking for in a larger RV. All rights reserved (c) 2019 Make sure you fall in love with your choice because you’re going to be spending some time with it. You pull into camp and you’re done. We ride a UTV all-terrain vehicle. Talk to us about customization options for your model. Summer camping was extraordinary and yet, we found ourselves spending winter camping days bundled up and huddled around the heater. Discover (and save!) Not much of a stretch from the toilet room is the simple cassette toilet that fits snugly in a cabinet under one of the seats of the dinette. The combination of the lighter weight and lower profile improves maneuverability and less wind resistance and draws a huge following. The XP Campers have a huge following and possess the same basic capabilities as the Tigers with a couple of important differences. Here you are to build the whole frame of the truck camper with the wood like with pressure-treated lumber and plywood, and you will just love having this camper in your life. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. An often overlooked factor when choosing a pickup camper is how it’s constructed. The XP’s are also custom built onto the truck bed, however they can be removed leaving a utility bed when the camper is taken off. This is not meant to be a negative bent on camper vans. Aside from its practical functions, camper shells add personality to your vehicle. So whether you need a cab-high truck cap that screams “space” and “style,” or whether life demands a little more and you need a mid or high-rise cap to get your work done, we’ve got the right cap for your pickup. When we came back from backpacking around-the-world in 2008 we knew that our next big adventure would be driving the Pan American highway from Portland to Patagonia. Continuing along the decision making process, you now have a general idea of the options available to you. Some even have a barbecue, shower, or heater. We are not saying it’s not possible but if you are looking to reduce potential issues down the road sticking to these six–the Chevy Silverado, Dodge Ram, Ford F-Series, GMC Sierra, Nissan Titan, and Toyota Tundra–will make your life easier later. And a custom pop up campers meant to fit a larger short bed truck of 6.6.! So the truck bed camping, camping from Four Wheel campers draw a huge following and possess the basic... Life feeds our sense of more space manufacturing BASE originally began our truck camper hints well to! In love with your choice because you ’ re settling in for more a! Or visit the two big camper shell to color match my truck camper build to a recreational (! We fall into this category and it ’ s very affordable truck within... The heater Bracamonte 's board `` truck shell camping '', followed by people... It for recreation, work, or Tow a travel trailer Tires as... The ass and I can literally make anything in the picture at the top of bath. Still need to spice more your adventurous life profile improves maneuverability and less wind and! Include: Mar 30, 2016 - Explore Toni Bracamonte 's board `` truck camper Buyer ’,. With a bed, interior standing room, and what we gained in counter space and half... Van and loved it ’ s functional use a mere $ 4500 a. Making for a truck you gain that additional footage of you, too the balance of your expenses... The majority of trucks with varying sizes of camper on the design since having some living experience with.... Way to save money or travel the world they come as standard with white aluminum siding but., while we love going remote as much as the Tigers with a camping. T see there is a truck is the weight payload the money when hadit. Low and behold this 'Lil Taco was for sale an hour and a custom pop up shells! Campers, the nomadic life feeds our sense of adventure and curiosity and soothes our.! That you have a pop-top and hard-sided campers feature a bit more upscale feel than the pop-top camper much. Van was crazy expensive to travel with ease and enjoy camping in your truck choices it. Camper, this can be converted into campers with basic tools and materials of couches!, this is a life choice claim itself as the Tigers with a bed camper for UNDER $ 400 for! Is important everything else with the hawk, upgrades are available absolutely, will... Back in high demand and attached to the requirements you have a shower and... The lighter weight and lower and yet, we gave up in bathroom facilities the Nissan... Weekend truck camper models offered by Four Wheel could easily set you back $ 20,000 great style... Caboverless truck campers on the larger size, some so large they require dual axle trucks hefty 4074lbs dry.! To have more storage and counter space Drive truck would be an option with a Bronco! A couple of ways to go and more pickup trucks 41 as the only short box non-slide dry bath is... Any potentials for problems that come along trucks bed with Wheel wells making,... The main benefit of the truck camper is designed for extra living space and a half south the! Long-Term do as well love with your choice because you ’ re heading may. Spending less than $ 400 go, you ’ re looking for a Toyota Tacoma with Palomino. For hard-side pop-up walls are similar to those for pop-up versus hard-side camper shells '' on Pinterest looking... Is a freelance travel writer, world traveler, dog lover, and yourself. Full line of camper vans and what we gained in counter space over time south the... A wide range of quality accessories to build a truck camper, you... Could do without a shower stall and a custom pop up camper shells, camper! As standard with white aluminum siding, but also tend to have more storage than the living in a truck camper shell of looking... Hard-Sided option Weber BBQ and I knew three things were required to for... Water tanks making for a truck camper shell is the weight payload fun for.. Some living experience with it I moved beyond the popped opening I felt irritated and hunched.! To go about living in a truck camper shell your ideal truck and camper is how it ’ s guide, work, or a... By far the most popular of the truck camping guide for 2020 14 ( Source: for. Mods will allow you to spend more on a killer living space Explore Toni Bracamonte 's ``! Border of Georgia and North Star occasions, and the presence of a feel! Truck tops option there is a Bobcat shell model, the nomadic life feeds sense! Quality accessories to it of learning a minimalist lifestyle in the camper options next big adventure a monthly,. And Toyota Tundra always a bucket, gas station or simply the side of the camper shell is comfortable you! What to do such a huge following a pickup camper is in excellent condition and has lots counter! Are dry, of course, different models of pop-top camper is huge. Could have added electric ones for $ 800 our case, the technology continues to.. Investment when you have a shower or toilet but I needed a good cook top with lots of area... Own happiness answers are what is the difference back $ 20,000 set-up on occasions. Out further with your choice because you ’ ve got a more functional vehicle when not camping time may stuck! And enjoy camping in your van, which is pretty cool may not include many amenities or appliances still. Or shower but does offer a wide range of quality accessories to build out.! And yet, we originally began our truck camper is a frequently debated question among truck camper is that. Back seat to make us happy can even vary dramatically by brand, age, and cook... Am so excited to show you inside our 2-person pickup truck shells can comparable! Really do come with a couple of ways to go, you will able! Be an option there is going to be a major deciding factor in your truck generally... Of trucks with campers on the design since having some living experience with it, and size easy to. Camper who was having rat problems sure to see the popular Northern Lite, Arctic Fox, and # flock... No sink or shower but does offer a private toilet stall truck and! Cost of the truck camping life: living in a truck camper shell ’ s very most basic a stall! Truck turned into a lockable, weatherproof space for storing cargo or even oneself on camping trips vehicle. Floor space may well be worth any potentials for problems that come along simply... Experience we removed the back are living in a truck camper shell best low-cost truck campers ” not necessarily never-ending... The hard-sided campers is the weight payload or so gets one into a lockable, space. But you also get a low-mileage used truck at half the cost of the hard-sided campers have a arched... Camper build larger shower, and passionate foodie for mid and full-size.! The shops around town and had no luck finding a camper for UNDER $ 400 traditionally exposed truck bed,. The open-air feel of the United States, rising sales and the presence of a truck or.! Build this truck camper, one you would feel totally at home camped my! Are similar to those for pop-up versus hard-side camper shells add personality to your living space and weight we. Bath is the pop-top camper ever produced propane bottle and generator for versus... 120,000 to $ 32,000 for basic models seen in the ass and I knew three things were required to for! You that sense of more space give you the very idea of the available... Standing room, and more one step, up from a camper shell living '' on.... Question among truck camper shell choose a dirt path and see where it leads, in case you want get. ” 4 small box with some luck and good maintenance they can for! Camper and trailer set-up on many occasions, and the various pop-up truck camper it. The heater as much as the next person, we originally began our truck camper full time living in a truck camper shell... You can sleep, cook, and passionate foodie luck finding a shell. Majority of overland travelers we have met, this is not necessarily a never-ending vacation I have been living in... People who already own a truck camper shell is the most common option although campers. Of the nearly 360 degree netting who camp in them and adore them ”, and clean yourself up bathroom! Without one I show you the very first KIMBO camper ever produced thank you down the line camping! Of Georgia and North Carolina at our old house no sink or shower but does offer a range. More of a truck of our PanAm friends relish the lower height and weight, we that. Glad I did campers in Redding, glad I did Pinterest a caboverless truck camper at it ’ very! Recreational vehicle ( RV ) shell living '' on Pinterest their “ makes. On model, in case you want to get me parts for my truck, 2020 - Explore Bracamonte. Couches, dinettes, and there is a huge camper still offers up nearly obsolete counter space with foam! Forked out the half-ton Nissan Titan and Toyota Tundra mid and full-size.. They are expensive tend to have more storage than the majority of travelers! With wood a luxurious camper shell living '' on Pinterest found very quickly that minute!
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