Black Vomit Filmes

Gangrena Gasosa – Displeasing

DOCUMENTARY FILM120′ | HD | 2013LIVE SHOW72′ | HD | 2013


Some people seem to have come into the world to confuse, annoy, swim against the current, like the guys from Gangrena Gasosa, the first and only Sarava Metal band of the universe. Desagradável (Displeasing) covers all the 23 years of the band. A special reunion of people that stirred the underground scene of 90’s until today.

All the legends detailed in a film that will show the most shameful chapters in history of Brazilian Rock. Jello Biafra, Jão and João Gordo, BNegão, Marcelo D2, Anjo Caldas, Dado Villa-Lobos, Rafael Ramos, Fabio from Garage, Marcos Bragatto, Tom Leão, Pedro Só, Adilson Pereira, Larry Antha and the former members (more than 15!) recalls the regrettable moments that Sarava Metal happened in their lives. Archive images, photos and videos to prove, once for all, that “Home Saint makes miracles too”.


15 minutes Live Show Preview

Full Documentary


Produced and Edited by

Fernando Rick

Produced by

Angelo Arede

Screenplay, Composition & Image Research by

Marcelo Appezzato

Black Vomit Executive Production

Tainan Franco


Second Unity Director

Fabiano Soares


Fred Arranca-Toco, Fernando Rick, Fabiano Cabeludo Soares, Marcelo Miranda, Taiane Linhares, Christian Caselli, Pedro Punk e Michael Meneses

Edited by

Fernando Rick e Marcelo Appezzato

After Effects & Color Correction by

Fernando Rick

Art Direction by

Angelo Arede

Direct Sound

Fred Arranca-Toco, Ricardo Schmidt e Felipe Portugal

Cover Illustration

Phillip Alram


Angelo Arede e Ge Gaizeu

Live Show on Inferno Club Crew

Directed by

Fernando Rick

Co-Directed by

Marcelo Miranda

Big Devil

Aderson Barros


Aline Abovsky e Erika Forlim


Mateus Carrasco Kornetoff

Lights by

Sérgio de Almeida Lopes

Scenery by

Rodrigo Machado, Kapel Furman e Raphael Borghi


Kapel Furman e Raphael Borghi


Leo Siqueira, Fred Arranca-Toco, Bira Crosariol, Guilherme Tom e Victor Carvalho

Production Team

Angelo Arede, Fernando Rick, Rui Villani, Cris villani e Ivo Madruga

Location Producer

Julia Fonseca

Mixed by

Felipe Eregion / Mysterian Art

Recorded by

Trék / DaTribo Estudio